Top 14 Reasons



Introducing the new revolutionary multi-use Hi-Q Fitness Sauna proven to quickly, easily and conveniently detoxify your body; help you gain muscle mass, burn fat while reversing 10-20 years – or more – in your appearance”

Loaded with Patent Pending technology, the Hi-Q Fitness Sauna is the Worlds # 1 Anti-Aging health tool guaranteed to produce powerful life changing results for you and your family

Nowhere else on the planet are you capable of experiencing massive detoxification while getting both an aerobic, an anaerobic workout and cardiovascular benefits in the privacy of your own home.

1. LED LIGHT THERAPY: Now you can simultaneously take advantage of our proprietary LED lighting panels that pull out and down over your face from the back wall to cover your face for proven

infrared LED light therapy that will enhance collagen regeneration, reduce wrinkles, acne and takes years off your appearance – very much the ultimate anti-aging device.

2. INCOMPARABLE THERAPEUTIC and PAIN RELIEF BENEFITS: This is the only sauna which enables ability for extreme therapeutic benefit – even for wheelchair ridden or other handicapped individuals. Far Infrared heat PREPARES AND RELIEVES PAIN in your muscles, ligaments and cartilage for exercise better than any other modality.

3. ELIMINATE INJURY by starting warm before exercising – equally important is the fact that pre-heating your body before working out has been proven to help stimulate an anabolic reaction – naturally, so you build muscle faster without the side effects of testosterone

4. SAFELY DEVELOP MUSCLE TONE without worry of straining or pulling muscles, tendons or cartilage

5. SHORTEN THE DURATION OF SORENESS: normally soreness from aggressive workouts last 2 weeks. Hi-Q Saunas bring that down to 2-days or less – making it much easier to get in shape without feeling painfully sore and lethargy associated with lactic acid build up

6. MOTIVATE YOURSELF to get in shape conveniently and effortlessly! No more procrastination with the idea of packing the gym bag and driving to a crowded gym and waiting for exercise machines – after all, it’s in your home

7. MAKE YOUR HOUSE LOOK GREAT! An elegant looking sauna that you’ll feel proud to have in your home, spa or gym. You can even customize the look & feel with the colors of your choice to match your décor

8. BURNS TRIPLE THE CALORIES: Just relaxing in the Hi-Q Sauna you will expend 700 calories in just ½ hour without lifting a finger. Imagine when you work out and burn 2-3 times more … burn 1,200 or more

9. EXPERIENCE CARDIOVASCULAR BENEFITS naturally as the Far Infrared heat stimulates 3-5 times the blood circulation – oxygenated blood flowing to even the smallest capillaries

10. DETOXIFY – ELIMINATE TOXINS FAST: As much as 20% of your sweat is a combination of dangerous, disease causing toxins and acids. You sweat 339% more sweat in a Hi-Q Sauna than any other sauna on the planet

11. RECOVER QUICKER than any other modality. The one/two punch of Far Infrared heat combined with mild to more demanding resistance exercise, while detoxifying will enable the body to recover and heal itself quicker than any other modality – while developing muscle and burning fat

12. RENEW YOUR SKIN as Far Infrared heat forces oxygenated blood to flow throughout your body and your skin, it pushes acids and toxins out, cleansing your skin, eliminating blemished, wrinkles and making your skin look young, tight and vibrant. Add the optional LED Therapeutic (photodynamic beauty machine) Light system and experience double the benefits – like getting a free facial every day

13. TRAINING VIDEOS show you how to work out, depending on your desired goal: Gain muscle fast or tone your body in record time: Warning – take it easy at first; this could be the hardest workout you’ve ever experienced!

14. (3)-FULL MONTHS RISK FREE TRIAL: We are so confident you’ll love the Hi-Q Fitness Saunas that we’re willing to offer an unheard of guarantee: Use the Hi-Q Fitness Sauna in the privacy of your own home and if you’re not 100% amazed with the results you get, simply return it and we’ll issue a refund.

Now you can have the ultimate stylish and elegance of a Ferrari and the functionality of a multi-use Nautilus!

With All The Far Infrared Therapeutic Benefits …

Now it’s simple to eliminate the most prevalent cause that is keeping you from getting back into shape. Getting back into the habit of exercising is now so incredibly easy and believe it or not- FUN!

Added benefits include eliminating the potential of injuries, sprains, muscle and ligament tear and or pulling muscles because you safely pre-heat your body using the best Far Infrared heaters.

As a proven, often used therapeutic device for expediting the healing process, Far Infrared heat is second to none. As the heat penetrates through body fat, deep into muscles, ligaments and joints, flooding injured areas with oxygen rich – healing blood – it is simultaneously freeing the body from toxins that cause inflammation and retard the healing process so that it can start the process to heal itself.

BONUS: Unique Style and Appearance: Unmatched style, classy curves and sleek design. Makes any house look amazing!


1. Handicap access: features include a wheelchair ramp and handicap handles

2. Curved Design: Capable of withstanding up to 600 pounds tensile strength for each “D” ring

3. “D” rings strategically placed throughout the interior sauna enabling you to work every muscle in your body

4. Removable bench – slide perfectly down the back wall to free up space inside the sauna

5. Snap and Swivel Bench that swings up and snaps in place giving you full 360 degree positioning for better flexibility and variety of workouts

6. LED light therapy – custom manufactured for use inside the Hi-Q Fitness sauna line

Top of the line USA made solid quartz-ceramic heaters:

The Secret Sauce of Hi-Q Fitness Effectiveness – While Sitting on Your butt…

We have and never will cut corners on the Hi-Q Fitness saunas. After over 10-years in the sauna business, discovering what works, what works the longest and most efficiently we could only go with the best infrared heaters on the market. Our ceramic heater will heat your body, not the air. And because they emit far infrared heat at 98% “Black Body” – the energy level of the human body you experience several remarkable reactions and benefits.

1. The far infrared heat penetrates virtually at the speed of light. There is no resistance because the heat is on the same microban level of the human body.

2. Because of this deep penetration; as much as 3 inches deep, this is the only type of heat that is deep enough and hot enough to melt subcutaneous fat at 104 degrees.

3. Because the body stores acids and toxins (acids ARE toxins) in excess fat, when deep heat penetration starts melting and liquefying this fat, the acids are released and allowed to be purges from the body.

4. Since these heaters produce far infrared heat and trigger your body to sweat profusely at much lower temperatures; 110-120 degrees, you can enjoy a much longer, detoxifying session.

5. 180 degree distribution – these heaters heat every corner of the interior of the sauna, leaving zero cold spots and zero hot spots, 100% even distribution.

6. US made ceramic heaters with the highest glass content in the industry, clinically proven to produce the best far infrared heat at or near the 9.4 micron level. Most other saunas are NOT TRUE FAR INFRARED HEATERS. They may be cheap, however using these heaters is like sitting in a car with the windows up on a hot sunny day.

7. Lowest EMF in the industry.

8. Hi-Q products are registered with the FDA – Far infrared saunas are FDA aproved

Other Unique Attributes:

· 100% Non-Toxic Materials

· Energy Efficient: cost is just pennies a month to operate

· Solid Construction – Easy to Assemble: Hi-Q is built to last. No flimsy walls that will crumble and fall apart, making it impossible to move. The Hi-Q has solid, well-built cabinets that not only look stylish and sleek, but are built to last, withstand up to 400 pounds per “D” ring and comes with a lifetime warranty

· High-End computerized controller console inside