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Imagine Your Clients Anxiously Looking Forward To Their Return Visit…

How would you like your therapy clients to be excited and anxious to come back sooner and with more frequency and enthusiasm!

They will …

As soon as you have them using the new Hi-Q Fitness™ Sauna – this new therapy tool is guaranteed to eliminate the pain equation from grueling therapy sessions

Introducing the new PAINLESS Therapeutic Hi-Q Fitness™ far infrared sauna!

This is the newest (patent pending) technology for deep tissue and muscle support therapy.

The Hi-Q Fitness sauna includes the latest, most effective Far Infrared technology empowering users with deep penetrating heat, enabling productive muscle development exercises while effortlessly increasing flexibility and strength – making therapy sessions more productive and painless while enhancing the speed of recovery.

Proven to take the pain out and make THERAPY easy, enjoyable and more effective – enabling therapy clients the ability to move, flex and stretch more fully.

Hi-Q combines the best and latest technology as well as many inventive patent pending innovations that allow amazing routines and uses within its spacious, reinforced walls.

Take Two Full months Risk Free to try the HI-Q Fitness sauna…
and see for yourself – how it performs miracles for your health and fitness …

The Hi-Q · Top-of-the line far

Infrared heating elements: deep penetrating heat on the same microban level (9.4) as humans, makes you sweat profusely even at mild temperatures

· Increasing blood flow to crucial body parts to expedite the healing process

· Convenient open spaced interior – allows more room for more functionality

· Removable bench, exposes a 360° swivel stool – supports movement for flexibility and comfort, facilitates the ability to gradually or aggressively exercise every muscle in your body

· “D” rings strategically placed throughout the reinforced interior of the sauna

· Exercise bands attach to “D” rings to allow users to add resistance (up to 250 pounds per “D” ring) as needed

· Professional DVDs – Art Still, (4 time pro bowler with the Kansas City Chiefs) demonstrates how to exercise every muscle in your body

· Attractive addition to your facility – called the Ferrari of saunas and the Nautilus of the 21st century

Join therapists everywhere who are attracting new clients, increasing client turnout and enthusiasm

· Put your facility at the top of the list of high profile firms

· Ensure a long list of clients waiting in line to experience your innovative facility

· Increase revenue – bottom lineFitness™ Promise to You

· Co-op marketing: We immediately create a PR campaign to introduce your business as a cutting edge user of Hi-Q technology

· We create a custom landing page for your business on So when clients are looking for Hi-Q therapy in your area, your location is found

· Lifetime warranty: Our confidence in the Hi-Q concept, design and durability means we are willing to offer an unheard of limited lifetime warranty. This is a solid devise, a formidable health tool that will work for you for a lifetime. You will enjoy the Hi-Q Fitness Sauna for many years to come.

Quick Recovery and Rejuvenation with Hi-Q Fitness Sauna

We have designed the Hi-Q Fitness Saunas to be versatile and effective. You have the ability to 

work every muscle in your body and the same time experience the amazing rejuvenating ability of the best Far Infrared heat quickly penetrating deep inside your body to expedite the healing process, detoxify your body of dangerous toxins including medications which some of us are unfortunately required to ingest.

For the first time you have a sauna: the Samurai Sauna which enables wheelchair access. We have a special place in our hearts for the Wounded Warrior foundation to which we donate a portion of all sales proceeds.

(pic of wounded warrior logo and link: see Samurai when available)

WHY the Hi-Q Fitness Sauna Allows Quick Recovery

1.   Sweating toxins out of your body produces remarkable results: Eliminating toxins is the first stage of ANY recovery.

a.) The only way to heal is to free up the body to heal itself; despite what some doctors may tell you.

b.) Your body has amazing abilities to repair itself when free of toxins. the deep heat penetration of the Far Infrared heat helps expedite the process of eliminating toxins that clog the body’s ability to heal. Your toxin free body will perform miracles.

2.   Muscle and joint pain is quickly soothed after a few minutes in the hot sauna.

3.   Scars can be quickly eliminated and tissue repaired.

4.   Flexibility is restored as oxygenated nutrient rich blood flows; from 5-7 quarts per minute normally to as much as 13 quarts per minute.

5.   The ability to exercise (particularly) after 10 minutes or more, letting your body become appropriately pre-heated makes it easier to perform build muscle and increase flexibility.

Therapeutic & Handicap Access – (Wheelchair Access): This is the only sauna, exercise room of its kind on the market – enabling our Wounded Warriors and other physically challenged individuals access to both the therapeutic benefit of Far Infrared Heat as well as the therapeutic access to effectively stimulate every muscle in your body – work out (after getting hot) – eliminate pain and recuperate.

As a proven, often used therapeutic device for expediting the healing process, Far Infrared heat is second to none. As the heat penetrates through body fat, deep into muscles, ligaments and joints, flooding injured areas with oxygen rich – healing blood – simultaneously freeing the body to heal itself after eliminating acids and toxins that cause inflammation and retard the healing process.

You will recover and rejuvenate in a Hi-Q Fitness sauna …