“Hi-Q Fitness has made it possible for me to enjoy life again. I can now accomplish things and enjoy an endurance I thought I lost long ago. I got scared when my wife said she was worried me and about the way I was breathing while laying on my back. Due to my weight, I was experiencing COPD symptoms and getting the feeling of suffocating. Within a few weeks o f changing the way I eat and using the Hi-Q Fitness sauna I went from a 302 pound monster down to my current weight which is 192 pounds. I have lost 14 pant sizes and now look and feel amazing. I recommend the Hi-Q Fitness Sauna to anyone that is trying to reverse the downhill process of dying and start now to redirect your life to one of vibrancy, health and proper weight. This sauna is great. In addition to looking amazing, it immediately helps you, in the proper way to build muscle without the risk of pulling your muscles or tendons. I just do 5 minutes every other day and everyone notices and comments on how big my chest is.. how small my waist is getting… are you working out ? They ask. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again to all you guys at Hi-Q for an awesome product that produces amazing results. Keep up the good work. 
Jerald Johansson – Orlando FL 



My Hi-Q sauna is simply AWESOME! I was looking for something that could help me start workouts again without the pain and agony of going to a gym, getting sore and then either showering with a bunch of strangers or driving home sweaty and stinky. Boy did I find the perfect solution for me. This Hi-Q sauna is a perfect solution for someone like me. Being so busy its hard to organize and plan on taking the time DAILY to get at least a 15 minute workout. And after a few months I just fall so totally out of shape it kills me to try to get back into it. Now all I have to do is heat the sauna up, get my nutrient drink ready and hop in. its motivating as hell. I feel great within just a few minutes – about 10. Nice and hot and warmed up so that I WANT to use the exercise bands inside. And I have to tell you – this whole thing is really quite brilliant but the best thing is the stool. I can swivel 360 degrees and do soooo many things. Its actually quite fun and I look forward to my morning extreme sweat. My husband says I look amazing!
Beth Warner – Seattle WA
This gorgeous Hi-Q sauna has taken me to another level in an amazing short period of time. I can gain an inch of muscle in the space of 3-weeks. at 56 years old i am absolutely amazed. what you told me about the heat of the sauna helping to make sort of an anobolic reaction seems to be – in all my amazement – TRUE!
Equally amazing to me is that i have several previous injuries that have literally prohibited me from attempting any workout routine. after several years of avoiding this, well i’ve gotten into some really bad shape. 60 pounds overweight, no energy and frankly i was ready to give up trying to get back my old energetic swagger. But i bought this Hi-Q from you guys and i am so very thankful i did. One month – 35 pounds lost. but more important – i’ve gained muscle mass that weighs more than fat – and makes me look so dam much younger. but back to my point on the injuries. this thing has virtually helped to heal my elbows, knees and my lower back. i can actually workout without hurting AT ALL… it now feels great.. sorry for rambling. i’m referring a few golf buddies and my brother. they need this now! thanks again .
Jeff Garland, Phoenix, AZ
I just want to thank you and your associates for a pleasant buying experience, yesterday.
Everyone, from the sales manager to the receptionist was friendly, helpful, and effecient. I appreciate your professionalism and your going out of your way to assist me in the Hollywood Sauna purchace. 
You were extremely helpful and I enjoyed your product!
I would recommend Hollywood Sauna to anyone looking for an exceptional buying experience!
Oh, my husband is extremely happy being able to workout!!
Thanks again!
Peggy Salem
Your help has always been appreciated, especially most recently. All of the saunas I have bought with your help from Fitness-HIQ have been perfectly working correctly. Thank you for your personal help in selecting them, I will certainly recommend you to my friends.
Take care
Racial Roads
Bob and I love the Samuri Sauna. We’ve now bought 2 from you at  Fitness-HIQ online, and your service and professionalism are the best! 
You’re great thanks for changing my live.   

Thanks again for your help. 

Robert Macon and Jill Pitan Washington
Dear Fitness-HIQ,
I live overseas and saw the Hollywood Sauna Online that was being sold by Fitness-HIQ. My wife wanted a Samurai Sauna (even before they we ordered from another company ). Unfortunately she had some helath setbacks in 2012 needing wheelchair access.

I searched and found the Samurai Sauna for sale by Fitness-HIQ for her.

I was so anxious to purchase that I contacted you directly and you immediately arranged for the contract to be prepared and for me to wire the deposit and purchase price to you. The whole transaction was efficient and very professional. The sauna is everything you described and more.  It is perfect for my wife. I trusted you implicitly and you did not disappoint.
I appreciate your honesty and integrity and all the help you gave me to make this deal happen and also get the sauna shipped to me safely with no damage or problems.
I do not hesitate in recommending your saunas and Fitness-HIQ to all my friends and colleagues in the United States and elsewhere. 
Yours truly,
Wade Smith
Hi my name is Joey Mascarenas and I bought a Hollywood Sauna from Fitness-HIQ. My salesman was a class act he answered all my questions and he was very knowledgeable of all the accessories that come with your product. I was introduced to the head honcho and I felt like a family. I will definitely come back for my next purchase.
Thanks guys,
Joey Mascarenas
I once again wish to thank you and all the others at Fitness-HIQ that I dealt with in my purchase of a sauna from your business. You all conducted yourself in a very friendly and professional manner in 
arriving at a purchase price that was fair to both parties before I started my Free Trial. The week before I dealt with three online sauna companys whose tactics endeared themselves to that level
which deters many buyers from participating in the process. WOW, what a refreshing approach you guys offer.
In fact, I had no intentions of purchasing a sauna that day: but, I was so impressed by your sales department for going beyond my expectations, I decided to inquire about a infrared sauna.
You can rest assured that I will recommend Fitness-HIQ to anyone looking for a infrared sauna, 
PS: Thanks for the Free Trial
Katy Billing



*If you’re not 100% amazed with the results you get, simply return it and we’ll issue a refund. Risk Free Trial!