Sauna Weightloss

Infrared Sauna Weight Loss
Infrared Sauna Weight Loss

“Infrared Sauna Weightloss is Easy”

The biggest desire for most of us is to eliminate a few excess pounds. Using the new  Hi-Q Sauna is likely the best way on the planet to accomplish this effortlessly… BECAUSE YOU BURN BETWEEN UP TO 700 – 2500 CALORIES IN JUST ONE HALF HOUR!!!

Hi-Q Sauna makes it easy to get more aggressive as you gradually establish momentum. You can accomplish massive weight loss and even significant muscle development in the space of just a few weeks in as little as 15 minutes every other day.

In many studies, Far Infrared Saunas were proven to promote weight loss as you burn calories effortlessly…Even Without Lifting A Finger.

WHY you WILL lose weight with Hi-Q Sauna

1. Sweating makes you lose weight. According to Guyton’s Textbook of Medical Physiology, you will burn 0.568 kcals in the production of one gram of sweat. The profuse sweat that is produced in a Hi-Q Sauna means you burn a large amount of calories.

2. In a Hi-Q Sauna you sweat out 3-5 pounds of sweat in on ½ hour session; you sweat 339% more in a Hi-Q sauna than any other sauna. Studies reveal that you burn up to 700 calories BEFORE working out and if you work out, you can burn as much as 2,400 calories during one sauna session.

3. Your core temperature increases as the body works overtime to cool.

4. Using the Hi-Q Sauna causes your body to burn more calories as you experience an increase in your heart rate, metabolic rate and cardio output. Blood flow will increase from 5-7 quarts per minute normally to as much as 13 quarts per minute.

3. Up to 20% of your sweat has been revealed to be a combination of toxins and acids. It has been proven that releasing acids from your body expedites fat burning and weight loss as the body stores acids, (acids are toxins) in fat. When releases the body has no need for this excess fat and allows it to be released more easily.

4. You have the unique ability to exercise every muscle in your body. Starting gradually and then increasing weight (depending on your ability) you can develop muscle and tone your body very quickly. It’s proven that muscle increases your metabolism, thus burning fat even as your sleep.

It’s no surprise that the secret to a healthy vibrant life is to maintain a healthy weight, eliminate toxicity and exercise at least 15-20 minutes a day. Hi-Q Saunas give you the tools to live an energetic, vibrant life, look and feel great and avoid premature death.

The combined benefits of using the Hi-Q Sauna with all its features make it not only far easier to maintain your ideal weight, but will provide unanticipated improvements that can change your life.

Combined with our proprietary detox drink recipe, some have experienced as much as a 10-pound (permanent) loss of weight in the first week.

You will sweat off the pounds…

A clean body is a healthy, vibrant body that can heal itself, renew itself and make you look and feel great, not to mention 20-years younger. Add the dimension of muscle stimulation and you multiply the speed at which you transform your body into a lean, mean attractive machine – tenfold. That’s 10 times as fast, but you can see amazing results in the first week. Imagine looking in the mirror 10-weeks or months from now.

Try one for Two-Full months Risk Free and see for yourself …