New Discovery; Get Your 30-Year Old Body Back… and Keep it!

”Imagine sitting in a time machine that looks like a Ferrari that actually makes you look younger and more muscular every day… now imagine its reality”

Some call it the Ferrari of saunas and the Nautilus of the 21st century. 

Infrared Sauna KitEither description is inadequate when you look inside to discover all the new patent pending features, multiple uses and real health and fitness benefits to this new Hi-Q Fitness far infrared sauna.

This is not just a gorgeous sauna room that makes your house look great. This is the new Patent Pending multi-use Hi-Q fitness Far Infrared Sauna that can give you a total makeover by helping you detoxify your body, gain muscle mass, burn fat and help you look and feel years younger with tighter, lean, muscular body and clean, clear, youthful skin.

The Hi-Q Fitness sauna room has a far infrared heating system that makes your body heat up to the core and sweat more profusely than old fashion convection saunas like hot rock or steam rooms.

LED Photo therapy light



The new LED Photo therapy light panel gives you a magnified dose of blue and red infrared light on your face. This infrared light penetration has been shown to increase collagen production, making your face tighter, helps remove scars, wrinkles, and acne, smooth and soften the skin.

We are very excited about this new Hi-Q Fitness health tool and anxious to hear from users about their results and how rapidly they progress with the Hi-Q. We look forward to hearing testimonials and seeing the video reports of their progress. In fact we send each and every customer a free digital camera so they can document their progress. I’ve used it myself and have experienced one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever had. It can be both easy and relaxing or it can be extreme depending on your efforts and desired results. But either way you’re getting a bounty of real health benefits in a gorgeous sauna”. 

Hi-Q Fitness – Pump up your Hi-Q

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Although this new state-of-the-art fitness sauna has just hit the market after years of R&D there is nothing remotely comparable.

Use the Hi-Q Fitness sauna to exercise every muscle in your body.

Fitness sauna to exercise every muscle in your bodyGetting your body hot first is critical to avoid straining or ripping muscles, cartilage and tendons especially for people over 50 years old. As it turns out, getting hot before a strenuous exercise routine is popular in body building circles as they claim it helps them build muscle quicker. Hi-Q trainers have found that its more effective, safe and comfortable to first get your body deeply heated (between 10 to 15 minutes in the sauna) before you begin to exercise.

Attached to the reinforced walls are numerous strategically placed “D” rings to which you attach exercise bands. These are hardly your typical wimpy exercise bands; resistance levels for Hi-Q bands resistance levels are up to 400 pounds. The Hi-Q provides a solid stool that snaps up into place after sliding the full sized bench conveniently against the back wall. Giving you plenty of space to exercise every muscle in your body; aerobically or aerobically. Tone your body or build muscle. The stool swivels a full 360 degrees allowing for comfort, extending flexibility and boosting your exercise options. Optionally you can keep the bench in place for a relaxed, cardiovascular stimulating profuse sweat.

Any smart fitness instructor will tell you; exercise is easy when you first heat your body. In fact much has been made recently in the body building circles about heat produced HSP (heat shock protein). It appears the popular consensus is to get your body very hot before exercising. This purportedly helps the body respond to the exertion with an anabolic reaction and makes you build muscle much quicker. One thing we do know for sure is that heating your body before strenuous workouts is essential for eliminating injury to muscles, cartilage and tendons.

It’s been well documented in many studies that using an infrared sauna will cause you to sweat profusely

Using an infrared sauna will cause you to sweat profusely.

Unique to this Far Infrared sauna is the ability to sweat out toxins and acids. Ancillary benefits reported include detoxifying, speeding recuperation and healing as well as elimination of aches, pains and stiffness. So it’s ideal to actually workout in a devise that simultaneously eliminates the cause of pain normally experienced as a result of those workouts.

Now it’s easy to experience the most advance technology for your health in the privacy of your own home. Engage in safe and effective workouts, profuse sweating the leads to detoxification, weight loss, anti-aging benefits and speedy recovery and recuperation for a surprisingly reasonable price.

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About Hi-Q Fitness Saunas™

Hi-Q Fitness saunas™ are available online at

Dimensions:Hi-Q Fitness saunas are 59'' Wide x 53'' Deep x 78' High

Installation:Installation is easy, usually less than 45 minutes; the panels attach easily to the base and the top portion has all the electronics, so no electrician needed.

Standard accessories include:

  1. Drop down stereo CD player with speakers
  2. Oxygen Ionizer
  3. Magazine racks, cup holders
  4. Ergonomic back rests
  5. Removable bench with snap up comfortable and sturdy stool that swivels 360 degrees. This is also, easily removed
  6. Training DVDs

Optional accessories include:

  1. LED drop down TV (with remote)
  2. LED facial light therapy extending out and down from the back wall (with remote)
  3. Wheelchair access – custom sauna allows convenient handicap access.
  4. The color of your choice – match the décor of your home or spa.

Wounded Warriors:
Hi-Q Fitness is committed to working with and helping our disable veterans. The inventor of the Hi-Q Fitness line is himself a disabled veteran has dedicated a portion of every sale to go to the benefit of those veterans to help expedite their progress toward rehabilitation. We have chosen the Wounded Warrior association as our preferred charity.

Hi-Q Fitness has developed essentially two models of our far infrared fitness saunas:
Hollywood Sauna: Our standard sauna.
Samurai Sauna: Specially developed with handicap access.

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*If you’re not 100% amazed with the results you get, simply return it and we’ll issue a refund. Risk Free Trial!