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Introducing the New Recreational
Vehicle for Fitness Profits

While the fitness Center experience may once have been considered
a luxury to renters and hotel guests, property owners and hotel operators are fast realizing that it is now necessary to have some sort of fitness Center experience to meet guest expectations and to remain competitive.

But guests of resort hotels are not the only ones expecting to get fitness Center benefits. Corporate guests are now looking for fitness Center services while they travel on everyday business. Why? Busy work schedules, high stress levels, and a growing focus on one’s health and well-being not to mention the appeal of simply looking younger, better and more energetic. In response to this demand, the
Hi-Q revolution fitness spas and sauna rooms are growing in numbers in urban and convention hotels, as well.

Now You Can Create a fitness Center Environment For Your Guests That Is Far Easier And More Affordable Than Ever!

Install the very attractive, very effective far infrared Hi-Q Fitness Sauna and watch your revenues soar!

Self-contained Fitness Centers are HOT Profit Centers!

It’s like having a Healthy Vending Machine… Set It Up Once,
And It Just Pays For Itself, Over And Over And Over…

  • A Fitness Center that Generates PROFIT!
  • A Fitness Center that Offers Multiple BENEFITS!
  • A Fitness Center that Requires NO Staff!
  • A Fitness Center that Operates With Minimum Expense!
  • A Fitness Center that Takes Minimal Space!
  • A Fitness Center that over-delivers rather than overwhelms!

Most Hotel Fitness Centers are at upscale resorts, and they cater to the affluent guest. We revealed an untapped market of people who travel and would use a spa if it were more affordable, flexible, approachable and guest-friendly.

Hi-Q Fitness Saunas provide Hotels, high-end apartment complexes, leading fitness centers, spas and leading property owners worldwide tremendous profit potential while increasing customer Satisfaction.
Hi-Q Fitness Saunas are like a healthy vending machine…set it up once, and it pays for itself, over and over.

Take 2-Full months Risk Free to try the HI-Q Fitness sauna…
and see for yourself – how it performs miracles for your health and fitness …

Let’s evaluate the Profit Potential…


Hi-Q Fitness Saunas

“Fitness Centers Are Not Just A Passing Trend. They Have Become An Expected And Necessary Component To Remain Competitive!"

In 16 years in business, HFD has observed the resort spa evolve from being a loss-leader and a marketing tool, to an important amenity, and now to a necessity that is also quite a profitable element. The focus will be direct to the “masses” and no longer just the “wealthy”. The luxury market expects the spa to be part of their conference or vacation experience, but there are lots of other people who would also enjoy and benefit from the spa experience. There is a saying that “the rich will make you poor and the poor will make you rich.”

The opportunity now exists to provide this (high-tech) in-room far infrared sauna/spa for the masses.

As most hotel management personal know, luxury is the new standard, and hotels around the globe are feverishly elevating room stock to match the needs of the new breed of discriminating guest. “Hotels are responding with amenities (such as the Far Infrared Hi-Q Fitness Saunas) in an effort to offer guests more than they might expect at a particular price level,” according to PricewaterhouseCoopers Hospitality & Leisure division.

Increasingly, wellness is integral to the guest visit, especially among meeting attendees. The spa experience is no longer a nice extra, but an essential amenity.

Hotels Gyms Apartment Condo Complexes

Hotels using Hi-Q Fitness Saunas will expect to:

  • Generate additional room nights especially in the off and shoulder seasons
  • Expand the shoulder season/shorten the off season
  • Generate additional revenue per occupied room during the peak season
  • Be an additional profit center
  • Meet the demands and expectations of guests
  • Enhance the guest experience
  • Help them be more competitive with other properties that have spas
  • Provide a marketing edge against properties that do not have spas
  • Provide guests with an added “recreational/leisure/healthy service”
  • Attract a new, yet compatible market…people who like resorts/hotels with spas
  • Give group and business guests another reason to return as leisure guests
  • Encourage group guests to arrive a day early or to depart a day later so they can get ready for and relax before or after meetings as “leisure guests”
  • Provide an opportunity to market the resort as an “incentive” destination for corporate award programs
  • Enhance spouse/companion programs for convention attendees
  • Provide an indoor activity during inclement weather

When asked if they would choose one hotel over another because of the existence of a spa, 82% of women and 78% of men responded “YES”.

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