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Think Getting Fit Doesn't’t Help Your Golf Game? 

Tell that to Tiger Woods who works out between 2-10 hours every single day! 

BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT… Now you can get a (comparable) two hour workout in just 15-minutes using the new Patent Pending Hi-Q Fitness Sauna.

Introducing the Ferrari of Saunas and the Nautilus of the 21st Century – Get healthy, flexible and fit – So Your Golf Game is at its best!

Here's a Short list of benefits to expect when using Hi-Q Fitness Sauna:

  1. Develop Muscle Fast and Safely
  2. Increase Flexibility
  3. Melt Fat, Detoxify, Reverse Aging
  4. Sweat 300-500% more than old fashioned hot rock and steam saunas. 20% of which is proven to be toxins and acids
  5. Burn 700–2200 Calories in ½ Hour
  6. Eliminate Pain and Recover FAST
  7. Gain Energy, Momentum
  8. Lose weight
  9. Detoxify, melt fat and purge your body of arthritis causing acids and nasty, deadly toxins
  10. Built muscle faster than any other modality
  11. Stimulate the brain – increase focus, speed of thought and energy by eliminating toxins in the brain
  12. BONUSE: Stop Aging and start Anti-Aging- Tighten old wrinkled skin, purge your skin of blemishes, scars, spots and see youthful, clean, clear and fresh looking skin


** and – men will discover that they will even increase sex drive; HI-Q is proven to increase production of nitric oxide – same ingredient in Viagra

Now for the strategy of improving your Golf game: Your basic routine should include stretching, core exercises, cardio and weight training. Guess what? The Hi-Q Fitness Sauna will give you ALL OF THAT…. AND MORE! Let’s look at the basic requirements that Tiger Woods has for his training regimen:

Cardio training:
You get powerful cardiovascular stimulation by JUST SITTING ON YOUR BUT in the Hi-Q. Burn as much as

Burn 700 – 1,400 calories in one 30-minute session. You can just feel the fat melting below your belt… and you can see the results in the mirror after your first session. Also, using the Hi-Q Sauna causes an increased blood flow from 5-7 quarts per minute to as much as 13 quarts per minute. This causes your body to burn more calories as you experience an increase in your heart rate, metabolic rate and cardio output. 

Weight training:
Weight-training programs should be designed for balance, control and endurance. You must perform anaerobic exercises (like lifting weights) to enhance your entire body. Because golf requires upper and lower symmetry. You should develop your right and left sides equally because it improves how you strike the ball. 

The idea is to build strength so you can crush the ball, hit it further and increase your control so you can do so continuously.

The Hi-Q Fitness program works all of my muscle groups, but there are a few areas that need extra focus. Golfers are always hunched over, so it's important to strengthen the back and shoulders to support good posture. Legs are the platform for every swing, so the goal is to create a strong power base.

To keep things interesting you can use a mix of resistance and isometric training. Mix it up, keep your muscles guessing – makes them work harder. Because of the far infrared heat inside the sauna you're unlikely to overstress your muscles. You can and should push to the point of muscle failure, while avoiding pain in the Hi-Q. 

Core and flexibility training:
For golfers, core strength is just as important as flexibility. Core muscles help control movement and transfer energy from the center of the body out to the limbs, which can obviously impact how well you strike the ball. Core training in the HI-Q builds overall strength and flexibility and helps you maintain an optimal state of posture and symmetry. 

In the Hi-Q you are able to safely create an intensive a work out as you’re willing or capable of. You will know when to push and when to lay off. But one thing is sure, you will experience positive results; in your appearance, your energy level and ultimately, your golf game.

Take 2-Full months Risk Free to try the HI-Q Fitness sauna…
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