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Introducing a Near Magical Way to Get Freaky Fit… 


You actually get fit just sitting on your butt… but if you decide to…. YOU WILL get freaky fit in record time! 


Let me tell you about all the amazing ways that we are confident that you will vastly improve your fitness level, your excess fat problem, your (Accelerated) aging process and make you not only look younger, but far more attractive and energetic than in recent memory… 

Introducing the near Miraculous Hi-Q Fitness™, Training Tool – Far Infrared Sauna! 

Here's how to EFFORTLESSLY get yourself freaky fit: 

1. Your mear presence inside the H-Q – sitting on your butt or lying down will cause you to expend up to 700 calories in 1/2 hour. 

2. You will sweat 300-500% more in the Hi-Q than any other sauna, including far infrared saunas and the old fashioned, very hot "Hot Rock" or "Steam" saunas. 

3. As the far infrared heat penetrates very deep into your body, you will "Naturally" melt fat (subcutaneous and viscous fat) up to 3" deep, at 103.4 (F). As the fat liquefies, it suspends acids (acids are toxins) enabling them to be expelled from the body. Since proven that up to 20% of all that sweat is toxins/acids, it doesn’t take too long for most people to become toxic free. But the important point to make here as it relates to getting fit is this:
Your body stores fat to protect vital organs and arteries from toxins/acids. Once you eliminate toxins/acids from your fat/body… your body triggers the immediate and continuous release of FAT…. so you eliminate acids (which are toxins) and you eliminate FAT. 

Here's how to AGGRESSIVLEY get yourself freaky fit:

1. START EXERCISING: We provide an instructional exercise video featuring Art Still – 4-time pro bowl football player with the Kansas City Chiefs. This guy is 56 years old, stands 6'7", weighs 280 pounds and doesn’t have an inch of fat. 

Start small, using little effort and gradually you feel so good, you'll want to do more. Within a month or so, you'll see so much difference in the mirror, you'll be more motivated than ever to take advantage of what you can do… because its simple, it's painless and it works!.

2. Use the heat for 10-minutes to thoroughly warm up: this heats your muscles, your tendons and your cartilage so that when you put exertion on your muscles to perform in an anaerobic way they feel good… it feels good and you find you can do more.

3. The heat helps your muscles grow quicker. It’s been postulated in the body building circles that when you heat your body (muscles) first it seems to produce an anabolic reaction. There's still research that needs to be done, but talking from personal experience, it seems hard to believe but after just one month and an inch increase in muscle growth, I’m a believer.

4. Amp up your metabolism by a multiple of TEN… Everyone knows that muscle burns far more calories – you lose weight even as you sleep!

But don't take my word for it… check it out for yourself – we even give you a 12-month risk free trial. That my friend is an expression of confidence.

AND, it comes with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY. This is a solid devise, a formidable health tool that will work for you for a lifetime. You will enjoy the Hi-Q Fitness Sauna for many years to come. 


The benefits to building muscle are well known. The problem is how, when and where!

If you’re like most people, you want to get in shape, build muscle and look and feel great. But it’s hard… once you mentally walk through the steps of joining a gym, getting the work out gear, then driving there, exposing you’re out of shape body to a crowd of intimidating looking athletes you wait in line to use machines or weights only to experience total exhaustion within just a few minutes.

Hi-Q Fitness saunas make it easy and Far More Productive.

WHY you WILL Gain More Muscle in less Time with Hi-Q Sauna

1.   It’s convenient: Where better to gain momentum needed to achieve your REAL desired results than in the privacy of your own home.

2.   You get triple the benefits from exercising in a Hi-Q Sauna than any other existing method.

a.) Pre-heating your body before performing strenuous exercise protects your joints, muscles, ligaments and cartilage from straining or ripping. It’s much safer especially if you’re just starting.

b.)  Pre-heating your body has also been proven to stimulate an anabolic reaction and a HSP (Heat Shock Protein) release causing your muscles to build much quicker… without the side effects of testosterone injections.

c.) You gain momentum as you progress so quickly and find you’re able to increase the weight resistance.

d) Recover quicker  less painfull: Rather than suffer the painful typical two week process of overcoming soreness, using the Hi-Q fitness sauna you suffer much less and find your recovery is quicker; two days instead of 2-weeks.

3.   Start slow then increase resistance as your body allows. You can use as little as 5 pounds of resistance and graduate to as much as 200 pounds with each arm and exercise band.

4.   Several exercise Videos (with many more in the works) demonstrate a variety of workouts you can model. From beginner workouts to extreme muscle development you can perform at your comfort level and progress as quickly as you wish.

You will build muscle …

Take 2-Full months Risk Free to try the HI-Q Fitness sauna…
and see for yourself – how it performs miracles for your health and fitness …

The answer is this: Hi-Q makes it easy. Signup Today to discover the whole story…