Best Anti Aging Products


"10 Reasons Why

20-Minutes a week in the Hi-Q fitness sauna will stop and
reverse the aging process"



  1. Detoxify – #1 on our list because it's most important.
  2. Brain Boost – Think quicker, more clear and deeper with a toxin free brain
  3. Melt Fat – 10 times more in Hi-Q
  4. Toxins Attract Fat – the elimination of toxins in the body causes you to eliminate fat.
  5. Energy Boost – establish momentum as your body, muscles and mind become better conditioned and start to crave more
  6. Aerobic and Anaerobic Stimulation – Hi-Q sauna makes it easy to produce age defying results
  7. New Skin After Purging Toxins – Revealing your skin; clean, spotless, fresh, renewed, exfoliated and tighter after each session
  8. Cardiovascular Stimulation – Pump 3-5 times the volume of blood to even the smallest capillaries – delivery of this oxygenated blood stimulates cleansing
  9. Rocket Boost to Your Metabolism – It's a fact that the more muscle you produce the higher your metabolism and the more calories you will burn. In just 20-minutes a week of engaging the Hi-Q exercise routine will give you results that will amaze you. If just relaxing, you will expend 700 calories for every ½ hour in the sauna – comparable to biking for ½ hour
  10. Fast Recovery and Expansive Flexibility – Whatever has been holding you back will no longer be the overwhelming hurdle it once was. Those aches and pains that nag most of us over 40 can now be a thing of the past. The heat will penetrate and loosen you muscles, tendons and cartilage so that you can regain flexible extension, movement and increase muscle mass without pain. Say good bye to aches and pains
  11. HEAT SHOCK – Stimulate heat shock protein and massive amounts of Hgh – and Gf1 – precursers to Testosterone. Now you build muscle effortlessly, safely and far quicker inside the Hi-Q Fitness infrared saunas.
  12. Replace and Repair Brain Cells – New scientific discoveries reveal this amazing truth. 

A clean body is a healthy, vibrant body that can heal itself, renew itself and make you look and feel great, not to mention 20-years younger. Add the dimension of muscle stimulation and you multiply the speed at which you transform your body into a lean, mean attractive machine – tenfold. That's 10 times as fast, but you can see amazing results in the first week. Imagine looking in the mirror 10-weeks or months from now.

Take 2-Full months Risk Free to try the HI-Q Fitness sauna
and see for yourself – how it performs miracles for your health and fitness …


  • ATTENTION MEN: You may find the following facts of interest…
  • WARNING WOMEN: these effects are REAL…
  • Simulate the Viagra effect – using the far infrared heat in the sauna has the effect of stimulating your body to release nitric oxide. The working ingredient in Viagra.
  • DEVELOP YOUR MUSCLES – Working out has the ancillary benefit of stimulating the pituitary in your body to produce more Hg-H and testosterone. The two major hormones, the lack of which causes you to age prematurely. And the reactivation of which will (more than anything) else cause your body and mind to become more youthful, invigorated and youthful. Kick in the added bonus of amplifying an increasing the Viagra effect #1 above.
  • HGH -TESTOSTERONE: It has been well known for years that the quickest way to stimulate age reducing testosterone is to aggressively workout. The problem has been for many of us is – when, where and how. Then there's the dilemma of packing, driving and sweating and showering in public or driving home in your previously pleasant smelling car.
  • The answer is this: Hi-Q makes it easy. Signup Today to discover the whole story…