Hi-Q presents a new, game changing IN-HOME HEALTH & FITNESS TOOL that produces more results, (more quickly) than any methodology known today!

Hi-Q far infrared fitness saunas can be the easiest health and fitness tool you’ve ever used or it can be as strenuous as you want, are capable of or are ready to experience. Particularly if you want to ramp up your fitness results; gain muscle mass, lose fat quickly  and tone and tighten your skin… Hi-Q is the tool You Need to Use.

For the first time ever there is a FAR INFRARED THERAPEUTIC SAUNA that allows Anyone of Any Age to Work-Out And Develop Every Muscle In Their Body – while inside the comfort of a far infrared heated sauna room

It has been referred to as the “Ferrari” of saunas and the “Nautilus” of the 21st century. It is also uniquely empowering for people who have been injured or others unable to lift heavy weights. The infrared heat penetrates deeply (as much as 3″ deep) to heat up and loosen muscles, tendons and cartilage which enables pain free exercise.

The Hi-Q Fitness saunas also help to expedite injury recovery in many ways. Above and beyond the therapeutic and pain relieving benefits of far infrared heat infusion (FDA cleared), users sweat profusely; 20% of which is shown to be acids and toxins which further eliminates the cause of much pain users may experience. NOTE: acids have been a proven cause of arthritis by most alternative health practitioners.

Motivated by the idea of not only enabling disabled veterans and wounded warriors the ability to work out, but also anyone regardless of age or handicap access this tool to eliminate pain, stimulate (effortlessly) a cardiovascular workout and regenerate muscle mass without the traditional pain experienced with using heavy weights. This new product is the result of more than 13-years of experience in using, manufacturing and studying the massive amounts of health benefits from the use of an infrared sauna and the desire to empower others with easy, resonably priced access to its numerous capabilities!

“D” rings are strategically placed throughout the interior of the sauna to which you attach exercise bands, using the weight that is appropriate you can perform exercises while watching the instructional DVD on the TV inside the unit. You will have the privilege of watching instructional training on DVD presented by Art Still, the 4-time pro-bowl football player with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Moreover, anyone who is on the baby boomer list, ex athletes and warriors of all kinds, dimensions and backgrounds find that this is the perfect tool to finally get BACK in shape. So as a proven anti-aging tool, combined with the facility to facilitate anaerobic or aerobic benefits there are literally millions of us baby boomers who would greatly benefit from owning a Hi-Q of your own.