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See how easy it is to use - fitbomb far infrared sauna Quick Fitness in the SAUNA with Art Still (4-NFL pro-bowls) Short TV spot demonstrates FITNESS IN AN INFRARED SAUNA Einstein Shows us Why the fitbomb infrared sauna works so well We will attempt to update Videos as often as we get them - so check back frequently as we post new videos that help ducate as well as motivate. All FitBomb users are encouraged to submit your videos - show us your before and after shots - let us know your new angle for more effective workouts. We love it all...





FitBomb Benefits


Grow Muscles - Burn Calories - Lose Weight - Cardio fitbomb, with Heat Shock does it all - Passively, while you�re relaxing and aggressively - while you exercise.

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Anti-Age: Grow Younger�
Stimulate H-gh and GF-1 (precursor to natural testosterone) Safe and Fast.

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FitBomb = Sweat equity - own the side effects of profuse sweating: 20% of sweat is toxins & acids * 98% heat penetrating up to 2inches * melts fat at 104.5 degrees.

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Become Pain Free - Recover Faster - Pre-heat muscles, tendons and cartilage - Safety expand your exercise horizons while you Eliminate Pain.

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New, Clear Clean and Tight Skin - This is the first and most visible benefit of fitbomb is evident the second you look in the mirror after your first session � you look Great!

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Grow New Brain Cells? New Research proves that fitbomb can Heat Shock Your Brain and stimulate cell regeneration while Eliminating (dulling) Toxins.

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